Geometry Dash PC

Game Geometry Dash was released about 5 years ago, but the appeal of this game is not cool down.

Geometry Dash

Game Geometry Dash mod includes an unnamed character, an adventurous squad on the road full of hardships, obstacles, obstacles and you have to control the character to jump and avoid acrobatics. any obstacle. The obstacles such as animals, spikes, columns … extremely dangerous it.

The game has many levels of difficulty from low to high, as the game is faster and harder to play so you have to be careful not to be gameover offline.

Game Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Game Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is the sequel to the success of the world-famous Cut the Rope, which is now available at Geometry dash.

In Cut The Rope: Time Travel, players will have to give “candy” not only one but two frogs through a variety of adventure scenes to find the past such as medieval times, revival, pirate .. and other famous historical events. Come on! Join the game Cut The Rope: Time Travel to discover the new challenges awaiting you ahead.


Cut the rope 2

Play Cut the Rope 2 – game Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope, a popular game that has been around the world for many years now, has been featured in Geometry dash with Cut the Rope 2.

Just cut the ropes so that the candy can fall right into the position of the frog, Cut the Rope has made many gamers have a headache to calculate how to play for a reasonable.

Cut the Rope 2 has stunning graphics, live sound and over 100 different levels that show off your physics puzzles.

Cut the Rope

Sometimes there’s just no alternative: you have to cut the rope.

Cut the Rope Game

Cut the Rope is a popular game around the world and is loved by so many people nowadays in Geometry Dash. And Cut the Rope is a very simple game where you just cut the ropes so that the candy can fall in place of the frog, with extremely eye-catching graphics, lively sound and over 100 different levels. You show your ability to solve puzzles physics.

Play Cut the Rope 2 here.

TEMPLE RUN 2 – Tomb Runner

Temple Run is an extremely adventurous adventure game that many people in the world love.

Come to Temple Run 2 this time you will continue the adventure full of adventure and no less risky, you have to run fast to escape the mysterious temple. On the way you will have to face a lot of obstacles as well as dangerous terrain that you can lose your life at any time so be careful!