Geometry Dash

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Are you ready for the “almost insurmountable” challenges in the world of Geometry Dash? The game has extremely high difficulty but you will have to restart to continue the game every time you fail!

Geometry Dash, if your comment is fair, this is a game that is easy for you to get frustrated, but in a positive way. Because this is a fast-paced Game Platform, each die will make you scream in frustration, but make sure you restart the challenge to try to get past it. Just be sharp and have good screen click skills plus a little luck, you will master the game.

Control of characters in the Geometry Dash is extremely simple, but they are quite responsive. You start the game with a square block as the main character, it will be moved automatically forward and one per click on the screen, you will make it jump up. So you will need to set the time, the exact time to jump to avoid obstacles such as spikes, saw blades, etc. At some point in each challenge, you will go through a round gate. to lead into another world. Your square character will be replaced by the missile. To make the missiles fly higher you will need to click on the screen continuously. Of course, you also have to control the missile to avoid obstacles like the one that controls the block.

In the current paid version, there will be 14 challenges for you and one of which has not unlocked. Depending on the challenge you will have to take a long or short time to complete. It’s a good idea to test your practice with Practice Mode and then start with the Normal Mode, which will help you in front of difficult situations. Be trapped so you can be more confident when playing real. The annoying thing in Geometry Dash, with every challenge, you will have to play a turn from start to finish and every time you die, you will start over again.

One of the best parts of Geometry Neon Dash is the soundtrack. This is a game based on music, so you will definitely need a good headset to enjoy and immerse yourself in this exciting world. Each level in Geometry Dash has its own song and the game also supports the Download Soundtrack function, if you really love it. Music in the game is quite important, you can rely on the background music to judge when to screen the character to jump up or when not.

On the graphics of Geometry Dash, have to spend two beautiful words to describe the image for this 2D Game. You will not be disappointed to enjoy the visual effects after playing Geometry Dash. The animation in the game is pretty cute, the objects move quite smooth, in addition to the charm will make you hard to turn off the Game application. In addition, Geometry Dash allows players to customize their favorite colors or change faces for their characters to make them look more fun.

If you are looking for a title that requires skill from the game itself, then try Geometry Dash Neon.